Since meeting Tony in the halls of New York City’s famed High School of Art and Design, Robert has been creating, evolving and renewing brands for nearly 3 decades. He believes the true core of a brand are its people, and builds the culture of brands from the inside out, with unforgettable words and pictures. The collaboration with the tonychi studio has been decades of innumerable miles crossing the globe of neighbourhoods collecting stories and telling stories with pen, heart and hand.


As tonychi’s resident poet and visual communications director, Robert–– also creative director of Robert Louey Design––brings regular intrigue and delightful insights with his whole-hearted embrace of art for business. Nostalgically New York-minded, with an adjunct studio in Santa Monica, he is a dedicated global citizen. Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Neruda, Edith Warton and H.G. Wells are among his favorite wordsmiths.

Robert Louey